Tasks To Leverage & Delegate

Tasks For Me To Focus on To Build MASC

  • Finding venues for events (open mats, competitions, seminars)

  • Scheduling dates for events

  • Hosting and coordinating events

  • Negotiating sponsorship deals

  • Creating email blasts, Facebook events, and updates

  • Picking videos to go on YouTube

  • Building systems and structures

    • Management

    • Operations

    • Accounting and finance

    • Support

    • Marketing

Tasks To Delegate To Club Members/Qualified People

  • Filming sparring rounds and seminars

  • Filming testimonials at events

  • Editing video content

  • Updating website and website content

  • Monitor Facebook group

  • Sign in people at events, organize waivers, sell shirts, and loan out sparring equipment

  • Answer customer service emails and Facebook messages. (Mostly FAQ)

  • Create Facebook ads? <—-Still deciding on this

  • Create shirt designs

  • Create Tales of the tape

  • Create posters and other graphic design work

  • Create daily cash reports and income and expense reports

  • Event set up

    • Setting up, cleaning and breaking down mats.

    • Setting up and taking down desk and shirts for secretary.

    • Coordinating sparring areas.

Pay Structure for Task Delegation

  • Tasks are on call and paid a flat rate upon completion.

    • No salaries

    • No hourly rates

    • Tasks are paid at a flat rate for the sake of simplicity

  • Minimum $100 payment if tasks is done correctly and in a timely manner (if life gets in the way please let me know.)

  • If the task is not done in a timely manner or I end up having to do it for you, You’ll be paid either half, or nothing if I end up doing it for you. (again if life gets in the way, just let me know. I’m a forgiving person.)

  • On the flip side if the task is done correctly and in a timely manner or you go above and beyond, you’ll be paid extra.

  • This is not a per task basis. Meaning If I give you three tasks to complete on the club website for example, the pay will NOT be $100 to $400 or MORE per task. Your pay will be based on the amount of work those task require.

    • For example, if i need some edits on some text made I’ll pay you $100 for that task being completed.

    • But if I need text edited, 12 videos added, and 4 product pages made, I’ll pay you $400 for those tasks being completed (probably more cause those take time).

Positions & Pay Scale

Event Cameramen - 8 open spots $150 or higher

Basic camerawork is all that is needed at the events. Cinematic B-roll is not a requirement but can get you bonuses.

  • Filming events and member testimonials for the posted length of the event.

    • At open mats the main focus is on the sparring rounds.

    • Cinematic b-roll is appreciated but not the goal. But if you do get some for the editors to work with for the event highlights I will give you a bonus granted you don’t drop the ball by forgetting to film sparring rounds as they start of course.

    • At seminars the main focus is to get the best angles of the techniques being demonstrated and the best looking footage of the instructors explaining other parts of martial arts such as philosophy, history, etc etc.

Video Editors - 4 open spots $200 to $400 or higher

Please consider taking this position as well if you're considering the cameraman position.

  • Creating open mat highlights

  • Creating video testimonials

  • Putting together individual open mat sparring videos. Order of these videos is as follows:

    • Club intro

    • Tale of tape

    • Sparring video

    • Call to action

Website Moderator - 4 open spots $100 to $400 or higher.

The Club Website is built on squarespace so you won’t need any coding skills. But you will need design and organization skills to make sure pages look consistent.

  • Updating website and website content - I’ll send you the pictures, codes, videos, and whatever else you’ll need)

    • Creating, editing, and updating video pages.

    • Creating, editing, and updating web pages.

Secretaries - 5 open spots $100 per event

  • Sign in people at events with liability waivers and organize waivers.

  • sell shirts, water, and snacks.

  • loan out extra sparring equipment.

Member service & Facebook Group Monitor - 5 open spots TBD

  • Answer customer service emails and Facebook messages (Mostly FAQ).

  • Make sure no one’s being a jerk-wad in the Facebook group.

Media Buyer - 5 open spots $100

  • Create Facebook ads.

Graphic Designer - $100 to $400 or higher if need be.

  • Creating Tales of The Tape for sparring videos - I will send you organized documents and templates of how the tales of the tape are made and structured along with the proper information on the martial artists in each video

  • Create posters and other graphic design work

  • Create shirt designs

  • Photoshop pictures

Accountant - TBD

  • Create monthly income and expense reports.

  • Create daily cash report.

Event set up - 15 open spots $100

  • Setting up, cleaning and breaking down mats.

  • Setting up and taking down desk and shirts for secretary.

  • Coordinating sparring areas.

    • Yes you can still spar at the events while you’re there.

For those of you wanting to help out at the events (event set up, cameramen, and secretaries) I will be letting you know what dates are set up the day of or day after it is finalized which is usually weeks or months ahead of time and will ask you if you can make it. If you cannot it is fine, no one is forcing you, nor will I twist your arm.

For those of you are are more remote (graphic designers, website moderators) I will ask you if you can complete a tasks in a specific amount of time typically a few hours to a few days.

I will do my best to never give you a rush job, I like tasks done right and doing them right means giving the right people the right amount of time.

If interested, please fill out the contact form below with your name and the position you’re applying for in the subject line, and then show whatever evidence you’re qualified for the position like past work, references, portfolios, websites you’ve worked on, education like certifications, relevant degrees etc if you’re applying for the following positions:

  • Cameramen

  • Video editor

  • Website moderator

  • Media buyer

  • Graphic designer

  • Accountant

If applying for event positions (secretaries, event set up) you won’t need to do this. Just show me that you have reliable transportation and can arrive at the events early to set up your equipment or set up other areas of the event if the position requires you to be at the events.

If applying for remote positions (member service & Facebook group monitors)…If I don’t know you personally don’t apply.

Please Fill Out The Form Below If You’re Interested

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